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L’Arrivage (Lot DIIF1 Ambondrona, Faravohitra, Antananarivo) — a French-style bistro and oyster bar which is found in the Faravohitra Quarter, about 50 meters from the Palisandre Hotel. The fresh oysters are flown in from Fort Dauphin (in Southeast Madagascar). Besides oysters, guests can enjoy other fresh seafood and French cuisine. The location is especially convenient […]


Giardino di Lorenzo

Giardino di Lorenzo (Lalana Ramboatiana, Antananarivo) – this is a delightful garden restaurant on a hill that serves delicious Italian and Malagasy dishes. Pizza, pasta, and paninis are their specialties. The panoramic views of Tana from this restaurant are wonderful. For that reason, it’s especially popular on weekends for a leisurely afternoon lunch in charming […]


La Terrasse Exotic

La Terrasse Exotic (Anjary Hotel, 89 Rue de Liege, Tsaralalana, Antananarivo) – since Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean, it’s expected that one would find some Indian food there. This restaurant offers diners Indian cuisine in the form of curries, naan bread and lassis, along with vegetarian dishes. The windows have a good view […]



Kudéta (Lapasoa Hotel, 15 rue de la Réunion, Isoraka, Antananarivo 101) – this restaurant (which fuses French and Malagasy cuisines) is located in a local hotel. The restaurant is known for having a well-regarded chef who works with the freshest seasonal ingredients. The decor pays homage to the island’s history & culture with beautiful photographs […]


La Cambusa

La Cambusa (Avenue de La Bigorne, Ambodifotatra, Nosy Boraha 515) – for those who’d like a break from French/Malagasy fusion food, this pizzeria restaurant (run by an Italian chef), is an unexpected surprise for travelers in this beach resort island. Hand-made pizzas, pastas and other Italian dishes are served here – all reasonably priced. Cold […]


La Varangue

La Varangue (17 Rue Printsy Ratsimamanga, Haute-Ville, Antananarivo 101) — with a menu consisting mainly of French cuisine made with fresh, locally-grown organic ingredients, this restaurant is a favorite for lovers of good food and French fine dining. The space is adorned with old clocks and saxophones on the walls, and vintage cars parked around […]